Mariko Alexander (Black Cat)


Female Teenage Super-Fighter

Charisma 0
Toughness 5+5 = 10
Parry 8 (Add a -2 penalty to hit me with melee & ranged attacks aware of [UncannyReflexes])
Pace 16" (Fleet Footed with Super Speed; Run uses d10)

Agility (d10)
Smarts (d6)
Spirit (d4)
Strength (d10)
Vigor (d6)

Arcane Background: Super Powers
Super Karma
Super Powers (x2)
Rich & Filthy Rich
Sweep and Improved Sweep
Counter Attack
Fleet Footed

Heroic (Major)
Loyal (Minor)
Enemy (Minor)

Driving (d10)
Fighting (d12)
Notice (d6)
Lock picking (d4)

Powers: (35 pts)
(10) Attack Melee: (Lvl 2) extra +2d6 damage per attack- pg22

  • (2) Multiple Attacks – +2d6 dmg applied to all attacks
  • (2) Stackable – weapon will stack with the +2d6 dmg
  • (1) Armor Piercing (AP2)
  • (1) Heavy Weapon
    (1) Chameleon (3-2 due to requires activation and slow to activate)
  • (2) – Voice (subset of chameleon)
  • (3) – Copycat (5-2 due to contingent on chameleon)-pg 24 need touch attack
    (6) Extra Actions pg 28 – Two extra actions; so three actions no penalty or four at -2 penalty
    (1) Heightened Senses – Low Light Vision
    (6) Regeneration pg 39 – Lvl 3 – Makes healing roll every 10 minutes
    (1) Speak Language pg 41 – Can speak any language; if never heard before, conversational in minutes; fluent in couple hours
    (3) Leaping pg 34 – vertical distance of 8", horizontal distance 16"; no falling dmg if land on ft
  • Bounce pg 34 – can bounce between two surfaces half horiz distance
    (4) Uncanny Reflexes pg 46 – any incoming attack hero is aware of suffers -2 penalty
    (5) Toughness (Improved) Lvl 5
    (2) Speed – Increase speed is 2xpace

Novice 5 points Power Points Edge (Novice)
Novice 10 points Attribute: Vigor d4 to d6
Novice 15 points Edge: [Sweep]
Seasoned 20 points Power points (Seasoned)
Seasoned 25 points Attribute: Agility d8 to d10
Seasoned 30 points Edge: Counterattack
Seasoned 35 points Edge: Filthy Rich
Veteran 40 points Attribute: Strength d8 to d10
Veteran 45 points Edge: Improved Sweep
Veteran 50 points Edge: Fleet Footed
Veteran 55 points Power Points (Veteran)


Mariko Alexander is just your typical teenage girl… She’s Japanese American (mom – Japanese, dad- Scottish American). She’s a petite and slender 5’3". She has a green eyes and long black hair; which she typically keeps in a waist-length braid. She was born on a military base in Japan when her father was stationed there. Otherwise, she’s traveled the world between her father’s military relocations and the family business. Her father has retired from “active duty”, but he’s high enough that he’ll never completely retire…

She recently moved to town this school year and her parents continue to travel the world on business. She joined and excels in the Kendo Club and Fencing Club. She’s into fast cars and if there’s not a racing club; she does so on the side. She’s not one for sugar coating and speaks her mind, but she has good intentions…

Mariko Alexander (Black Cat)

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