Tentacle monster


Charisma 0
Toughness 5 + 1 + 4
Parry 9 + 2
Pace 6

Agility (d8)
Smarts (d4)
Spirit (d6)
Strength (d8)
Vigor (d6)

Fighting (d12) + 4
Stealth (d8)
swimming (d6)
Survival (d4)
Notice (d4)

9 Attack Melee (lvl 2 + multi attack / reach / Heavy)
6 Extra Limbs (lvl 2)
2 Parry (lvl 2)
4 Super skill – Fighting (lvl 4)
2 Armor (lvl 2)
1 Toughness (lvl 1)
2 Regen (lvl 1)
4 Shrink
1 Wall Walker
2 Invisibility (lvl 1) (Personal)
2 Aquatic

Alien Form (Major)
Delusional (minor) – From another dimension, here on earth to repopulate his species
Loyal (minor)

Super Karma
Arcane Background
Improved Str (in place of edge)
Two Fisted
Power points (Novice)
Brawler (Novice)


Derrik Stuhan was a pretty normal kid. Up until, well you know that part. He might have been watching some stuff on his phone that he probably shouldn’t. He might have turned into something that he was watching. He might now think he’s here to repopulate his lost species of tentacle monsters. Maybe. Luckily he loves people. Maybe a little too much. He doesn’t want anyone to harm his people.


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