Kassandra Wang

Agility d10
Smarts d8
Spirit d6
Strength d6
Vigor d4
Stealth d10 (Agility)
Lockpicking d8 (Agility)
Fighting d10 (Agility)
Notice d6 (Smarts)
Healing d6 (Smarts)
Guts d6 (Spirit)
Persuasion d4 (Smarts)
Pace 6
Parry 7
Charisma 0 (-2 in presence of reflection)
Toughness 4 (6, when Armor is active)


  • Arcane Background (Super Powers) (pg 7, SWE)
  • Super Karma (pg 4, SWE)
  • Acrobat (pg 28, SWE +2 to nimbleness-based Agility rolls; +1 Parry if unencumbered)
  • Danger sense (pg 33, SWE Notice at -2 to detect surprise attacks/danger)
  • Power Points (pg 27 SWE, Rank: Novice)
  • Combat Reflexes


  • Phobia (Minor, pg 18 SWE, -2 from all trait tests while in the presence of her reflection)
  • Heroic (Major, pg 17 SWE, always helps those in need)
  • Mania (Major, pg 6 SPC, -2 Charisma to those who know.)
Page Name Cost Notes
34 Telepathy 2 Communicate with friends and allies via mental contact. This is a free action, has a range of one mile, and she can contact as many minds at once as her Smarts die.
Switchboard 2 All of the “guests” can hear each other, however, only the telepath can send or receive private messages.
31 Heightened Senses 1
Low Light Vision 1 See in Dim and Dark conditions, but not in total darkness
Perception 1 +2 to Notice and Investigation rolls made to find clues or notice details.
Spatial Sense 2 Hearing
29 Telekinesis 4 (Level 2) Move objects or creatures (including one’s self ). d12 strength.
Heavy Weapon 1 Counts as a heavy weapon.
27 Energy Control 5 Range=12"
Master 5 May affect all forms of energy, but only one type at once.
Selective 2 Control who is affected by her power.
25 Damage Field 3 Power type: kinetic energy. Must be activated (a free action). Once on, it remains that way until the character decides to shut it down or is Incapacitated. At the end of the character’s movement in a round, every adjacent character suffers 2d6 damage, plus a d6 per level in the power (to a maximum of 6d6). Does not damage those it passes through during movement
Selective 2 Control who is affected.
Heavy Weapon 1 Counts as a heavy weapon.
33 Interface 2 +4 to rolls involving the use of computers or other electronics
Code Breaker 1 Can open electronic locks. Requires Lockpicking roll modified for quality of lock.
22 Armor 0 2 points of armor. Contingent on Damage Field activation
Hardy 3 If Shaken, additional Shaken results have no effect.
??? Mind Reader 2 Requires activation. Opposed smarts roll.
??? Super Attribute 1 Requires activation. Smarts.
Novice 5 points Power Points Edge: [Telekinesis (heavy weapon) (1pt) Damage Field (heavy weapon), (1pt) Armor (hardy) (3pts)]
Novice 10 points Skills: [Stealth d10], [Fighting d10]
Novice 15 points Attribute: [Smarts d6 → d8]
Seasoned 20 points Power points: [Telekinesis → level 2], [Mind Reader level 1], [Super Attribute: Smarts]
Seasoned 25 points Edge: [Combat Reflexes]



Korean. 5’ 4” with long (reaches mid/low back) hair, almost always up in a ponytail or something similar (bun, braid etc). She typically wears a funnel collar hoodie/short-sleeve and comfortable pants and usually wears noise canceling headphones over her ears (otherwise she reluctantly hangs it around her neck). She wears a mask as part of her super persona.

Parents own a large global company based in Korea which caused them to travel a lot preventing them from spending time with family. Kass has a distant relationship with them.

Older brother, Noah Wang, works as the school nurse and teaches another subject, but continually gets offers from prestigious hospitals and universities (he is also sometimes pulled into court cases for his expertise). He is also very attractive. Kass has a close relationship with Noah.

Her parents wanted a successor to their company, which would have been the eldest, but Noah ran to the US to study medicine. Thus, Kass was forced to be taught by tutors at home and then become the head of the company eventually.

After a certain incident, she began to fear looking at her own reflection and destroy mirrors (she’s doing better now though) and blames her parents for the event. She became more rebellious and would often escape from the house/tutors and hang out in the city, sometimes getting caught up in street fights.

In the summer Noah came home to visit after graduating from university/med school in the US. Kass was out and got into a street fight and the cops got involved. She was held at the police station while the police called her home to tell her parents. Her parents said they would make her stay the night there, however Noah bailed her out. After arguing with their parents he took her to the US to live with him and became her guardian. Since Kass had been tutored in their home secluded from society, Noah wants her to be in a more social environment and thus has her attend the school that he works at.

Kassandra Wang

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