Carlos Estrada (Jaguar Knight)

Watch where you're walking

Agility d10
Smarts d10
Spirit d6
Strength d6 (d8 size)
Vigor d8
Climbing d4 (Strength)
Driving d6 (Agility)
Fighting d12 (Agility)
Investigation d6 (Smarts)
Notice d10 (Smarts)
Stealth d6 (Agility)
Streetwise d6 (Smarts)
Survival d4 (Smarts)
Taunt d4 (Smarts)
Pace 6
Parry 8 2+(1/2*Fighting)+shield/weapon bonus
Toughness 5 (12) 2+(1/2*Vigor)+armor bonus + size bonus
Charisma -3 (-1 for Hispanics)


  • Arcane Background (Super Powers) (pg 7, SWE)
  • Team Leader (pg 7, SPC)
  • Two Fisted (pg 26, SWE)
  • Super Karma (pg 4, SWE)
  • Power Points (pg 27 SWE, Rank: Novice)
  • Power Points (pg 27 SWE, Rank: Seasoned)
  • Power Points (pg 27 SWE, Rank: Veteran)
  • Combat Sense (pg 7, SPC)
  • Improved Combat Sense (pg 7, SPC)
  • Power Points (pg 27 SWE, Rank: Heroic)


  • Outsider (Minor, pg 17 SWE, -2 Charisma from all but Hispanics)
  • Poverty (minor, pg 18 SWE, half total funds at all time)
  • Small (Major, pg 18 SWE, -1 from Toughness)
  • Dependency (Major, pg 5 SPC, Must write for an hour each day)
Page Name Cost Notes
43 Super Attribute 2 Smarts d10
34 Jinx 4 Any foe making a direct action against me suffers a mishap with a roll of one on the skill die
Improved Jinx 1 roll of one or two on the skill
31 Heightened Senses 0 Requires Activation (-1), Infravision
Spatial Sense 1 Requires Activation (-1), Cannot see through clay
29 Flight 4 Requires Activation (-1), Climb=2 (1 pt), Speed=2xPace
29 Force Control 2 Strenght=d10, Range=2, Fighting to attack, Smarts to manipulate, Reach=24
22 Armor 2 (level 3) 6 Points of Armor, Requires Activation (-1)
Hardy 3 If Shaken, additional Shaken results have no effect
Heavy 4 Can only be damaged by Heavy Weapons
22 Attack, Melee 6 (level 3) +3d6 to unarmed attack damage, can be switched between lethal and nonleathal
Focus 3 take no other action, can bypass and ignore Armor of inanimate objects and vehicles
Heavy Weapon 1 The attack counts as a heavy weapon
Multiple Attacks 2 Power’s damage may be applied to all Fighting rolls made in a round
Reach 1 Natural attacks have a Reach of 1"
Stackable 2 Damage may be stacked with hand weapons
32 Immune to Disease 1
32 Immune to Poison 1
30 Growth 2 Level 1, Contingent, +1 to Size, +1 Toughness, +1 step to Strength (Size, pg143 SWE)
26 Doesn’t Sleep 2
39 Regeneration 2 Level 1, Make natural healing rolls every day, pg 77 SWE
Regrowth 2 treat all permanent injuries as temporary
28 Extra Actions 3 Level 1, Make 1 additional action per round with no multi-action penalty.
Novice 5 points Power Points Edge: [Attack, Melee, (1pt) Heavy, (2pts) Level 3], [Super Attribute, (2pts) Smarts d10]
Novice 10 points Skills: [Notice d10], [Fighting d8]
Novice 15 points Attribute: Spirit d4 to d6
Seasoned 20 points Power Points Edge: [Improved Jinx, (2pts)], [Growth level 1, (2pts, contingent)], [Immune to Disease (1pt)]
Seasoned 25 points Edge: Combat Sense (pg 7 SPC)
Seasoned 30 points Attribute: Agility d8 to d10
Seasoned 35 points Skills: Fighting d8 to d10; Investigation d4 to d6
Veteran 40 points Power Points Edge: [Immune to Poison, (1pt)], [Regeneration level 1, (2pts)], [Doesn’t Sleep (2pts)]
Veteran 45 points Edge: Improved Combat Sense (pg 7 SPC)
Veteran 50 points Attribute: Vigor d6 to d8
Veteran 55 points Skill: Fighting d10 to d12
Heroic 20 points Power Points Edge: [Regrowth, (2pts)], [Extra Actions level 1, (3pts)]

Up to date – after defeating Two-Step


This is the origin story for the great Jaguar Knight. Join us we discover the highs and lows of becoming one of the most recognized and celebrated heroes of the last century!

Our hero was not always the beacon of hope he is today; once he was a small, normal boy that went by the name of Carlos. Going to high school wasn’t easy back in those days, not for him anyway. His parents just couldn’t seem to make ends meet after the death of his older brother Jose. Food, clothing, and shelter are things most people take for granted but those are difficult to come by when you can’t find work. The Estrada family looked but no one wanted anything to do with Hispanics, especially one that didn’t have any papers. Mama got a job cleaning other people’s houses and Papa started a small gardening business (father and son being the only employees), always fearful that someone would inform ICE and he would be deported back to Mexico. To help out, Carlos got a job working evenings in the kitchen of the east side IHOP near the small house his parents managed to rent. Luckily, his two little sisters (Leti and Sofia) were old enough that they didn’t need constant supervision or else he would have had to drop out of school.

That brings us to Chapter 1: “The Accident”…

Appearance: For being 16 years old, Carlos is small, very small. Standing 5’ (on a good day), rail thin, and Hispanic makes him an easy target for the bullies of the world. It doesn’t help that almost everything he owns is second hand; it’s clean but worn and doesn’t fit quite right most of the time.

He doesn’t like bullies and has been in more than a few fights while sticking up for himself or his sisters.

Carlos Estrada (Jaguar Knight)

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